What is PorkCheck?

Spending ages poring over food labels to check for pork ingredients? Let PorkCheck scan them for you instead.

PorkCheck uses AI-based text recognition to identify any indication of pork in ingredient lists, nutrition tables, menus, and recipes.

With support for multiple languages, the app can be used in supermarkets and restaurants worldwide.


hassle free
With one tap, scan labels easily

AI-based text recognition algorithms enable fast and reliable detection*

Quick Results
Get results within seconds

No Registration
Download and start using – no registration required

Multiple Languages
Support for multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, and Romanian

How it Works

1.   PorkCheck scans food labels using your phone’s camera.
2.   Position the label’s text inside the frame
3. Click on the start button to start scanning.
4.   The app displays pork ingredients on the label. If there are none, it confirms that the product is free of pork.

*Text recognition is subject to limitations based on factors such as the quality of the image and font size. Although the technology has become very reliable, we do not guarantee 100% accuracy in results.